Virtual World: Close Combat Mage EPUB

Virtual World-Close Combat Mage EPUB


He is a great fighter in real life, but he is mistakenly assigned a “Mage” job class in a virtual reality game! He is someone who uses power to conquer power, so he makes the most out of the mistake and transforms into a fierce Mage, versed in close combat, in the blink of an eye! By perfectly combining strength and spells, he uncovers a new path of gaming!

Fireball? Chain Lightning? Frost Mirror… Wait just a minute; I’ve come to practice kung fu! Spells have nothing to do with me! What’s that? I’m a Mage? Oh, right! I am a Mage indeed. But… Are you certain I’m one? Alright… Feel the might of my saber! My sword! My hidden weapons! What? You’re saying I’m no Mage now? Let me prove it to you if you don’t believe me! But even if you believe me, I will still show you just how unstoppable a Mage who knows kung fu can be!


Action, Adventure, Comedy, MartialArts, SliceOfLife, VirtualReality, Chinese

Author:  Butterfly Blue (蝴蝶蓝)

Status in language of origin: 970 Chapters (complete) Raws

Translators: HerbiGiraffe and Celascion at Gravity Tales



Chapter 126

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